Asset & Debt Protection Planning

Many people in Ireland today are overwhelmed by mortgage arrears, fears of repossession, insolvency and / or bankruptcy. We in Cronin & Co. have a particular interest in this area of the Law.
At Cronin & Co. we adopt a proactive approach to the issues confronting people today. We advise and assist on the following:

  1. Reviewing letters of loan offer to assess the legal limitations of the borrower’s obligations to the bank.
  2. Assessing whether the legal requirements in relation to family home consents and/or personal guarantees have been complied with.
  3. Considering whether independent legal advice was or should have been obtained and/or advise generally on the borrower’s legal position in relation to his creditors and what steps he may be able to take to protect his position.
  4. Advising on the steps you may be able to take to protect your children’s inheritances.


For those in financial difficulties it is vitally important that a complete review is undertaken of their assets and liabilities. Attention should also be paid to the circumstances of your spouse and children and the possibility of protecting any future inheritances.
We advise on the various types of Trust which may be employed with a view to protecting wealth for future generations in an effective and tax efficient manner.
We will also consider with you whether you may be able to protect your business partners and/or the assets of the business from the collateral damage of your financial difficulties.