Company & Commercial Law

Cronin & Co., Solicitors offer clear and considered advice to businesses of every scale including sole traders, professionals, SMEs and large corporations. In addition to having wide experience in commercial practice generally, we continuously adapt to ever changing Irish and EU legislation and have proven ourselves adept at offering straightforward and effective advice to clients who find themselves faced with novel commercial situations. We engage with clients on all aspects of their business’ legal requirements. Whether the query concerns specific company regulation or complex commercial transactions, Cronin & Co., Solicitors endeavour to provide relevant, swift advice to our clients of a consistently high standard.

Cronin & Co., Solicitors recognise that commercial issues come in all shapes and sizes and we are happy you advise on anything you wish to discuss.

Our practice areas include:-

Company Formation, Registration and Reinstatement:

In addition to advising our clients on commercial matters generally, we are equipped to handle regulatory and administrative matters in house, thereby preventing our client from having to delegate various aspects of their company’s operation to different service providers. Whether starting up a new business or embarking upon an expansion project, we are best positioned to service all company law requirements that our clients may have. We also have extensive experience in reinstatement of private companies (such as Apartment Management Companies) to the Register of Companies. Our experience in this particular area ensures that reinstatement applications are made promptly with the minimum of delay. We encourage business operators and company owners alike to arrange for a consultation where further explanation can be provided.

Partnership Agreements, Share Purchase Agreements and Asset / Business Transfer Agreements:

We have a wealth of experience in advising on and drafting commercial agreements governing company/business structure. Any business involving two or more individuals is likely to be conducted as a limited liability company or partnership. We advise on the relative merits of each structure and which is more suited to your particular requirements. Having a comprehensive, well drafted Shareholders or Partnership Agreement is important for any enterprise. Essential considerations include how profits/losses are to be shared, the extent of each individual’s liability, and the exit strategy. We also advise upon the acquisition/disposal of a business. We examine the different options, such as whether to proceed by way of Share Purchase or Asset Purchase, with a particular view to identifying the most cost and tax effective course of action available to meet your particular requirements.

Contract Law, Consumer Law and Competition Law:

Cronin & Co., Solicitors work closely with our clients upon decisions of company policy and direction. We remain available at all times to our clients to ensure that any course of action taken is legally compliant. The implementation of EU directives in the areas of competition has resulted in heavy penalties for those found to be in breach thereof. Furthermore, anti-competitive arrangements have been given a bread definition in the Competition Act 2002. Business owners should note that arrangements merely to “have as their objective” and adverse effect on competition, are prohibited by the act. As a result Competition Law rules can be broken by mere agreement among competitors before any trading begins. We invite business owners who think they may have competition issues to make an appointment to discuss the matter.

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